Yaro Starak Discovers Doing The Dishes Helps To Get His Motivation Going And He Becomes Even More Productive

There are days when we wonder if it’s all worth it. There are days when we just can’t get going, while it would be wonderful to feel positive and focused all the time, we’re human and have times when it is hard to motivate ourselves.

Yaro Starak finds that doing his dishes helps to get his motivation going!

Now before you laugh and say what a load of rubbish that is, I have to say that I have found just the same results (and that was before I found his video and the article it was based on)!

Yaro says in his article, ‘How to remain productive when you feel like giving up’ that ‘Your mind is your greatest asset for success in business, but it can be just as strong a force of hindrance, sabotaging your efforts, destroying your work ethic …’

By leaving those seemingly innocuous chores to pile up they play on your subconscious and that can affect your motivation and productivity.

So if you start your work day by doing a visible chore, like the dishes, vacuuming or washing that will make you feel positive and productive, you’ll see the results instantly as the piles of clothes or dirty floor disappear.

By being productive you are focusing your thoughts and actions on output and that is positive. By being active and productive it creates positive thoughts and feelings.

You want to continue to feel those and so continue to be productive. So, doing the dishes really can boost your productivity as it focuses your mind on positive thoughts and actions which you can transfer from your successful chore completion to work goals.

I also find that by doing chores little and often throughout the day, they are not only spread out but they don’t prey on my subconscious and distract me while I’m working. I list what chores need doing and when I’m going to do them. It’s amazing what you can do while waiting for the kettle to boil!

The article Yaro refers to in the video is a great read and should help you feel inspired to kick those negative thoughts to the kerb!

What do you do to boost your productivity?

Original Source: Yaro Starak, Video Source