World Class Copywriter Dan Kennedy Reveals The Essential Truths of Internet Marketing

This video has Dan Kennedy explaining the Key elements of a direct response site. He emphasizes that the site (while this is obvious is often missed) must function in a way that creates a direct response.

The question every internet marketer must ask themselves is: does this element drive direct response?

Every word matters, every bit of your real estate matters and while you don’t have a square foot cost at your fingertips, you do have costs.

If you are doing an offline promotion when you write the check for $2,000 or more for stamps you are very aware that every word matters, but online you tend to get sloppy because you don’t see the direct costs.

If you have bad, sloppy, hasty, unthought communications it will cost you more!. The Number one cause of failure in internet marketing is underestimating the difficulty of the task. Online work encourages that underestimation more than offline.

There are 134 billion emails sent every day and of those 86 billion are spam. The attitude that open rate, response rate is down let’s just send more spam indicates a flawed premise – “let’s not worry about diminishing response”. That is what eventually gets you banned.

Website design is situational, one size definitely does not fit all.

There is no one right way because there are different sites for different functions/purposes, the first three have very little to do with sales and or lead generation – information or customer service sites, utilitarian purposes and meeting criteria, i.e., speakers bureau, media etc.

The last four are soft lead capture, hard capture, forced capture and the final is a combination of information and lead capture.

To learn more watch this interview with Dan Kennedy – the Guru that most Guru’s go to …

Original Source: GKIC Insider’s Circle on their Official YouTube Channel. Interview session with the legendary Dan Kennedy