How Will Data Transform Business? Philip Evans Explains!

In this short introductory video, BCG’s Philip Evans talks about what he believes the future of business will look like and he discusses why he thinks that the two long-standing strategy theories, adhered to by many businesses, are for the most part, invalid.

According to Evans, the two major theories that have ruled business strategy since the 1970s: Bruce Henderson’s idea of increasing returns to scale and experience and Michael Porter’s value chain, will become invalid in the future.

He bases his argument on the premise that since the advent of Web 2.0 and the massive impact it has had in the business arena, both online and offline, a new force will rule business strategy in the future. That force will be the massive amount of data shared by competing groups.

Original Source: BCG’s Philip Evans explains why he believes that the two long-standing theories held in business strategy are invalid. TED Talks YouTube Channel