Why Everyone Is WRONG About The Carnivore Diet

“In this video I’ll talk about why everyone is WRONG about the Carnivore Diet. After you’ve been on the Carnivore Diet for a few weeks, you’ll probably start receiving compliements from friends and family, “Wow! You look great! You’ve lost a lot of weight!” BUT once you tell them how you lost the weight things change. Watch this video to find out why everyone is wrong about Carnivore.”

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Great contribution from JV Focus member, Dave Mac. Check out his new: No Carb Life  – YouTube channel. There is lots of free, solid information that you can put to good use immediately. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzcoPGdDRiPiWZYV4_EkzPQ/featured

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Why Everyone Is WRONG About The Carnivore Diet
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