Bill & Melinda Gates Giving Away Their Wealth Has Been Most Satisfying Thing They’ve Ever Done

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gives away billions every year in philanthropy. Melinda was the force behind the Foundation until 6 years ago when Bill finally left Microsoft to devote his life to this endeavor.

There focus is primarily two-fold – education globally and the US education system and on the medical side preventing childhood deaths, teaching nutrition and vaccines to eradicate disease.

Bill is especially proud of their efforts on the medical side and feels certain that they will continue to lower the number of childhood deaths globally to under a million in his lifetime.

By focusing on new research and new and better delivery systems childhood deaths by smallpox and measles have been reduced drastically.

Melissa’s passion education, has shown them through the multitude of schools they have built, that if you don’t have the right teacher in the front of the classroom, the right teacher to motivate and reach the children, it doesn’t matter how big or small the school is, how modern or where it is located.

Their work in education in the United States is centered on eliminating inequality in education for all students, which will in turn offer all children an opportunity for a better life.

Warren Buffet has donated over 80% of his wealth to the foundation because he believes in it.

There is a growing community of wealthy members (over 120 now) that meet regularly to discuss philanthropy exchange ideas and get energized by the projects being taken on by so many others. Bill and Melinda Gates are giving away 95% of their wealth to support a better world.

Original Source: TED Talks official YouTube Channel Bill and Melinda Gates on why giving away their wealth has been the most satisfying thing they’ve done.