What Questions Should Be Answered In Order To Become A Great Leader?

Roselinde Torres believes that there are three simple but critical questions that need to be asked and answered, in order for aspiring leaders to become great leaders.

Based on Torres having observed great leaders at work over the past 25 years, she feels that many of the leadership development programs that exist today, are based on success models for a world that was, not a world that is.

Several situations that Torres encountered during the course of her work, she was prompted to ask herself 2 questions:

1. Why are the leadership gaps widening when there’s so much more investment in leadership development?
2. What are the great leaders doing distinctly different to thrive and grow?

These two questions compelled her to undertake further research, which led her to defining, what she believes to be, the three critical questions that need to be asked:

1. Where are you looking to anticipate change?
2. What is the diversity metric of your network?
3. Are you courageous enough to abandon the past?

Her questions and answers are thought-provoking and may seem like an oversimplification to some. However, they are worth listening to and pondering on, before making a final evaluation.

Original Source: Roselinde Torres presents her keynote speech on what it takes to be a great leader on TED Talks