What Is The Psychology Of Wealth And Becoming Financially Free?

I’m a Professor in NLP and interested in each revelation made by Tony Robbins. I found this speech given by Tony talking about the three steps to creating and enjoying the wealth you quite rightly deserve.


Deep within every individual there’s a switch to whatever you desire, great wisdom teachers throughout the ages that in order to achieve what you want, this switch needs to be turned on.

The problem is that most people concentrate 100% on strategy. It’s the failure to change their personal psychology that prevents their achievement of wealth.

So first we need to know what does financial freedom mean to us? The first and principal key to experiencing financial freedom, first understand that no amount of money will ever make us wealthy, because the secret to Wealth is GRATITUDE.

In order to attain the financial freedom we want, understand that creating wealth is more than just crunching numbers. Eighty percent of success in any endeavor, including financial is psychology and 20 percent is mechanics.

Original Source: Wealth is first and foremost a mindset, to get the financial freedom we need to keep in mind one of life’s core lessons — You never get behind scarcity – You have to start beyond it. Tony Robbins Official YouTube Channel