What Is The Key To High Performance & Fulfillment? Focus! Daniel Goleman Explains

The bestselling psychologist and author of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence’ Daniel Goleman, argues that ‘attention’ is underrated by many high achievers.

Based in part on his neuroscience results, Goleman has narrowed ‘focus’ down to what he argues are just three key things: inner, other, and outer focus.

He explains that the inner is for self-awareness, the other is for the empathy that builds effective relationships and the outer is for understanding the larger systems in which organisations operate.

Goleman demonstrates his points by using case studies conducted in fields ranging from sports, education and business to the arts.

He suggests that those who are outstanding achievers excel because they adhere to practices called ‘Smart Practices.’

He presents strong supporting arguments and evidence supplemented by his personal and professional experience of over 20 years as a leading researcher in the human sciences.

Original Source:  Daniel Goleman Explains why we need to focus in order to thrive. Intelligence Squared YouTube Channel