What Are Richard Branson’s Customer Service Secrets

Billionaire entrepreneur and Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson, is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

His extreme, maverick style has not only contributed to his success, but it has also made him a global brand.

In this interview with Forbes contributor, Carmine Gallo, Branson revealed 7 valuable customer service lessons of the Virgin America team.

These are:

1. Be visible.
2. Express a passionate commitment to serving the customer.
3. Your company’s employees are its greatest assets.
4. Hire people who have the Virgin attitude.
5. Empower your employees to solve problems and to make every experience great.
6. Engage in social media with a genuine voice.
7. Have fun.

Branson delivers his message in a low-key, nonchalant manner. However his business philosophy, while sounding simplistic, has been one of the primary driving forces in making his companies successful.

An example of his fervent belief in customer service can be heard when he states:

“When we started Virgin Atlantic thirty years ago we had one 747 and we were competing with airlines that had an average of 300 planes each.

Every single one of those airlines have gone bankrupt because they didn’t have customer service.

They had might, but they didn’t have customer service. Customer service is everything in the end.”

Original Source: In this interview, Richard Branson reveals some of his customer service secrets. Forbes.com YouTube Channel