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Are You Ready For The Marketing Hot Tub?

I’m thrilled to announce the opening of our new JV Focus Podcast Blog…

Over the past month we’ve been quietly beavering away in the background doing a LOT of research on the podcast world.

Granted podcasts have been about for a long time, going right back to the 1980’s when it was known as ‘audioblogging’.

What exactly is a Podcasting?

“Podcasts are digital media files (most often audio, but they can be video as well), which are produced in a series. You can subscribe to a series of files, or podcast, by using a piece of software called a podcatcher. Once you subscribe, your podcatcher periodically checks to see if any new files have been published, and if so, automatically downloads them onto your computer or portable music player for you to listen to or watch, whenever you wish.”

Source: About.com

Anyhoo, enough of the history lesson : )

Our main purpose for the JV Focus podcasting blog is to share value via a different media i.e. audio.

All our podcasts will be published via popular channels such as iTunes / Sticher / Blackberry and more.

We’re currently thrashing out a frequency schedule and ironing out finer details.

The new Podcast site will be completed over the coming week and we’re currently aiming to officially open up our first show by the end of March 2014.

As you can imagine a lot of planning and research goes into a Podcast show, which takes time.

That said I was delighted when a 30+ year veteran of broadcast radio agreed to co-host the new show with me!

Introducing The Voice Legend That Is Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes

(You’ll note that I’ve slightly more hair than Dave) :D)

Dave Hughes is a 30+ year veteran of broadcast radio, and currently is the morning show host on a 100,000 watt FM station in Mississippi, USA.

He discovered the world of internet marketing in 2010 and jumped in with both feet.

This led to his first-ever product launch in January of 2011, which sold two copies (and one of those requested a refund).

He now has several products on the market, designed to help marketers improve their voice, presentation and effectiveness. And yes, that IS his real hair.

The Marketing Hot Tub

Ok, what started as a bit of ‘tongue in cheek’ could actually turn out to be the new Podcast name we’re about to release.

I personally didn’t feel the ‘JV Focus’ Podcast would hold much meaning to a brand new market…so I reached out to a private mastermind I run to come up with some names.

Although a lot of names were thrown into the hat, ‘The Marketing Hot Tub’ (suggested by Dave) jumped out at me right away.

The name hasn’t been completely signed off yet, however I’m sure you can imagine Dave and I chilling out in a Hot Tub quizzing some amazing minds in the marketing world lol.

[ Yet To Be Named Show ] Pilot

About 10 days ago Dave cut a pilot show with Tania Shipman…

Tania who’s a JV Focus member volunteered to hop on a call with Dave and shared some really cool stuff on Beta testing.

Watch out for the Pilot, we’re going to release that one in the coming days to give you all a wee teaser of what’s about to come.

Upcoming Guests On The New Show

Well that’s a secret for now…

All I’ll say is Dave and I have lined up some pretty frickin amazing minds already!

We’ll be jumping on calls with the first guests over the next few weeks to get the first shows pulled together. I’ll write up a post over the next few days revealing who the first 10 guests are ­čśë

Share Your Thoughts Below

Anyway that’s it for now, leave Dave and I some thoughts below on what you think of ‘The Marketing Hot Tub’, would be great to see you come up with something even more wackier than that?