Top Most Engaged JV Focus Members 2022-12-17 to 2022-12-23 (JST)

Hey JVs,

A big shout out and kudos to all of our most recent engaged JV Focus Facebook Group members. 😉🙂 A huge thanks to @Edward Moore and a special mention to: @Neil Bosley, @Dave Mac, @Mandy Allen, @Kim Powers, @Michael Millman, @Mike Merz, @Zahid Azzaadi, @Paul Klein, @Ajay Sagar, @Anthony Rousek, @Wasiu Okunola, @Brian Alcock & @Nelson Maimu. Thanks for your posts, comments, Likes, shares & support. 🙂 Who will it be next week? 😎

Congratulations and thanks to all. 🙂 Stay Safe. 😉
#MemberEngagement #JVFocus