Top Most Engaged JV Focus Members 2021-7-17 to 2021-7-30 (JST)

Hey JVs,

A big shout out and kudos to all of our most recent engaged JV Focus Facebook Group members. 😉 🙂 A huge thanks to Edward Moore and a special mention to: Neil Bosley, David McGimpsey, Mandy Allen, Kim Powers, Michael Millman, Mike Merz, Trevor Carr, Wasiu Okunola, Zahid Azzaadi, Brian Alcock, Ajay Sagar, Kunal Barthakur, Burton Natay Juan, Tình Nguyễn, Chris Ramirez, Paul Klein, Barb Ling, Marc Gray, Nick James, Anthony Rousek, Anshul Sharma, Kate James, David Lawler & Nelson Maimu. Thanks for your posts, comments, Likes, shares & support. 🙂 🙂 Who will it be next week? 😎