Tony Robbins Talks About The 5 Keys To Breaking Through Stress

World renowned American life coach, self-help author and motivational speaker, Anthony “Tony” Robbins, talks with CNN’S Piers Morgan about the 5 keys to breakthrough stress and change your life.

In this short, but to the point video, Robbins talks about how we must feed our minds and learn every day. Basically, he says these are the keys:

1. Is your mind in the right place?
2. Feed your mind!
3. Find a mission bigger than yourself!
4. Find your role model.
5. Just do it!

He does give a short summary of each point and although the video is brief, he explains it well enough so that viewers can get the idea fairly easily.

Short, but thought-provoking and definitely not rocket science. As with most things, it’s just doing it.

Original Source: In this interview, Tony Robbins gives the 5 keys to breakthrough stress. Tony Robbins YouTube Channel