The Power of Licensing: Navigating Content Ownership with AI

If you haven’t considered the impact of copywriting on your client content, you might face challenges ahead.”

Interesting video regarding: The Power of Licensing: Navigating Content Ownership with AI by Mark de Grasse that I found on the DigitalMarketer YouTube channel.
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Licensing is evolving with copyrights, NFT corporations, and AI enforcement. In the near future, your business plans need to incorporate these elements to stay ahead. But why license every piece of content you create? Explore the transformation with us. We delve into how companies like Nike hold a limited number of copyrights due to the complex process of enforcement. However, imagine a world where AI and NFTs team up to track and enforce copyrights seamlessly. Though this seems far-fetched, AI advancements are rapid. Don’t risk your content becoming part of AI products without permission. Start thinking about copyrights and leveraging NFTs to safeguard your creative work. The good news? Copyrighting everything you post can actually benefit you. Potential payments for content use and an elevated brand value are on the horizon. Don’t wait until AI systems like chatGPT wield your content. Prepare for the future now. Subscribe for more insights on content ownership and the evolving landscape!

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The Power of Licensing: Navigating Content Ownership with AI
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