The Future of SEO Content with Justin McGill

How can you create meaningful, long-form content, using AI, in a way that ticks all the boxes and doesn’t leave you scrambling to plug the holes left by unverified sources and hallucinatory AI ‘facts’?

Justin McGill, founder of Content at Scale, might have the answer you’re looking for. His long-form SEO content software has just undergone an important upgrade, Content Scale 2.0, and his company has been in the AI writing game for a good few years now and is getting awesome results.

It’s as simple as putting in a keyword that you want to rank for, and the AI writing platform will provide you with a published-ready article out of the box.”

Interesting video regarding: The Future of SEO Content with Justin McGill that I found on the Digital Marketer YouTube channel.
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The Future of SEO Content with Justin McGill
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