The Ecommerce Tree of Life with Scott Cunningham

“The eCommerce Tree of Life is one of the core concepts that we use to plan how we build a sustainable, scalable store. It is also the foundation on which our BRAND NEW eCommerce Marketing Certification is taught.” Posted on the blog.


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With this course, we kept out all the distractions and stripped it down to the precise ingredients and steps needed to launch a sales-generating eCommerce campaign, stuff that would take years to master through trial and error without proper guidance.

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We will be helping build your campaign using specific strategies along 8 stages of your customer journey, to ensure you are moving your customer from someone who has never heard of your products, to someone who tells all their friends about how your products changed their life.

Scott is the Founder and CEO of Social Lite, a Shopify Partner sales and marketing agency that has helped hundreds of Shopify merchants around the globe scale their revenue with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Scott is one of our three subject matter experts who will be teaching this course.

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Product Market Fit 0:39-0:49
Foundations of Your eCommerce Store 0:53-1:07
Mastering Your First Acquisition Channel 1:14-1:50


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The Ecommerce Tree of Life with Scott Cunningham
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