The 3 Tier Approach to Crushing Your Amazon Launch

“Ready to launch your first product on Amazon but not sure where to position it price-wise? Picking the right tier for your product launch is critical to success on Amazon. In this video, ecommerce expert, ‘The Beard Guy’ Norm Farrar explains his proven 3 tier product launch framework.”

Interesting video regarding: The 3 Tier Approach to Crushing Your Amazon Launch by the Digital Marketer team and ‘The Beard Guy’ Norm Farrar that I found on the DigitalMarketer YouTube channel.
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“The 3 common pricing tiers for products on Amazon

How to analyze competitors to identify the right tier for your product

Why launching in the wrong tier can kill your launch and hurt your brand

How to use pricing psychology and coupons to drive velocity during launch

Tips for optimizing your listing and branding for each tier

Whether you’re selling Dead Sea Mud or any other product, you need a launch strategy tailored to your positioning. Don’t leave sales on the table by choosing the wrong tier or neglecting to analyze the competitive landscape. Use Norm’s tactics to pick the optimal launch tier and start off strong on Amazon!”

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The 3 Tier Approach to Crushing Your Amazon Launch
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