Simon Sinek at USI Is A Great Inspirational Video on Understanding Real Leadership

“All really successful companies and leaders regardless of their size, regardless of their industry – every single one of them, thinks, acts and communications in exactly the same way, which is completely opposite to the way the rest of the world thinks, acts and communicates.” –Simon Sinek

Sinek has discovered the concept of the golden circle which shows that inspirational leaders work from their “why”.

Why they do what they do, why they believe what they do. Communicating from your why speaks to the part of the brain that controls behavior and we allow people to rationalize that behavior by the tangible things we say and do. In the golden circle he describes three rings, the outer most is the what – “what we do” the next ring is the “how” – the common USP and the inner ring is the Why.

The outer ring is controlled in our brains in the neocortex – the homosapien externalized language source, while the inner two rings are based on behavior and feelings.

The inner circle the why is the deepest level of response and is only “feelings & behavior” it is not language based. This is where the statement … I don’t know why … it is just a gut feeling – comes from.

Sinek is the author of two books, Start With The Why and Leaders Eat Last. He also has an online site where you can take courses to assist you to learn your why.

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