Seth Godin’s lesson about Stop Stealing Dreams applies to everyone, not just Youths

Seth Godin asks the question: What is school for?

I’m a lifetime learner. Every job I went into I learnt something new, I’ve done courses to get qualifications and I teach myself so much on the internet by searching for articles and videos to show me how.

Watching Seth talk about what schools were set up to do which was to process students to learn to behave, fit in and comply to work in factories.

He talks about why it was set up this way to create workers who were interchangeable and able to fit in.

Schools are becoming irrelevant for our children and the whole concept of needing to go to a school to learn, is no longer relevant for ourselves.

Who hasn’t heard someone say “I must take a course to learn about….” and know they will never do it, because it’s time or money or it’s going to run when their favorite show is on.

Watching Seth, I realised there is no need to wait to learn. Get up, go out and start learning now. Use the internet to learn, Google it and find out what you want to know now.

Seth goes through 8 things that will answer his question. If you want to skip and get to them, go to 10:55 to listen.

Original Source: The official TEDxYouth YouTube Channel presented by Seth Godin