Seth Godin Thinking Backwards And The Golden Age of Yes At Creative Mornings In New York

People who have skills need to think about how they approach their work. Seth Godin doesn’t talk about teaching about how you do the skills, but he talks about the leverage of what we can do with the skills we have.

We have so many things backwards. Seth goes through a number of things to think about.

One great question is how much of your day is spent working to get better clients vs pleasing the clients you already have. Watch the video to find out what Seth means about it.

He also talks about the myth of the overnight success and how twitter was a ‘overnight success” after failing for years.

There is a lot to take in during these 20 minutes. These are Seth’s 4 dot points about leading up.

Do it on purpose.
Tell stories that resonate with those in charge.
Demand responsibility but don’t worry about authority
Reflect Credit but embrace blame.

He made me laugh when he mentioned all the tools we have available to us now and what we are using them to play Angry Birds!

As we expect from Seth, this is a thought-provoking video.

We are all able to pick ourselves, we are all our own client and we have to have the guts to say what we make is not for you.

We are in the Golden Age of Yes.

Original Source: Seth Godin talking at Creative Mornings New York.