Seth Godin – How To Make Your Small Business Indispensable

This video from 2010 shows just how visionary Seth Godin is. What he talks about 4 years ago, is so relevant for what we are doing now.

Seth Godin talks about tribes and how on the internet is easier than ever before (and that was 4 years ago). If you are a leader, you need to watch this video.

Small Business is run by real people and people want to follow a person. By being caring, genuine and authentic you can connect with people and create your own tribe. This isn’t easy but it’s worth it. After listening to Seth, if you aren’t working on creating your own tribe, you need to start.

One of the most important things in this videos I learnt was that you can’t have everyone in your tribe. It’s only natural to want everyone to love your business and want them ALL to be a part of it, but as Seth says, you can’t have insiders without outsiders.

I just loved his comments at 3:50 about social media and his choices. 4 years later and Seth only uses twitter as a feed from his blog.

Seth’s comments should be making every small business think about who they touch and connect with and how it will help them grow their small business tribe.

Original Source: BZonecouk official YouTube Channel