PR Isn’t Just About Press Releases, It’s About People

Many of us have been pitched the idea that by writing a press release and submitting it to an online PR site, we are doing all sorts of crazy wonderful stuff for our business or product.

The truth is, we’re not.

Sure, there was a day when the backlinks with anchor text worked wonders for getting found in Google’s search results, but those days are gone. Just like almost every other facet of marketing, the internet is becoming social.

It’s not just the big G’s algorithm that decides on what content gets found and shared. Influential groups of people like reporters and bloggers can be the ones making the decision on whether your news gets found by your target market, or virtually crumpled up in a desktop trash bin.

If you want to leverage PR for your business you need to think beyond the shotgun approach of blasting out information into the unknown and hoping blindly that it will find someone who might just be interested in what you have to offer.

Start thinking long-term.

Don’t just send your press release to PR sites, find out who is influential on Twitter in your niche. Send it to them too. What about reporters on Twitter who are known to cover your target market’s news? Tweet your PR to them too.

Build relationships.

Don’t start going into copywriter/advertiser mode with the people you contact. They are not your customers. They need to understand very clearly what your news is, so that they can make the decision to share it with the world—or not. The time for your sales letter will come later.

There are long-term advantages.

By becoming known as an expert in your field, you can become someone a journalist or blogger may approach as a source for information, a quote, or your opinion. This extends your sphere of influence within your business place.

In the video below, you will find 6 PR concepts and tips that are very easy to understand and implement.

Original Source: MaRS Discovery District share 6 good PR tips for startups. MaRS Discovery District Official YouTube Channel