New Scientific Evidence You Can Literally Think Your Brain Smarter & Healthier

Measurements that have been used historically such as IQ, GPA, SAT to rate the intelligence of the brain have never measured the upper limit of our brains.

They are old methods that do not work in today’s new science of the brain.

The science of thinking smarter is in the frontal cortex, but it begins declining at age 40.

When you learn how to increase your brain power you can increase blood flow, increase connectivity, increase the white matter. Testing shows that using certain methods you can regain 8-10-12% brain function in just a few hours. You just have to think in higher ways.

Dr. Chapman outlined 5 brain powers that we can all do right now to think smarter.

1. Brain Power of One – complete focus on one thing at a time
2. Brain Power of Two – review what needs to be done, select the two most important and use your prime time focused on them
3. Brain Power of deep – synthesize all the information that comes at you several times a day
4. Brain Power of less – reduce the amount of information, our brain freezes with big data
5. Brain Power of Innovative thinking – spend time creating, finding solutions

Three other things to do – eat, sleep, move your feet! Their research has shown that multi-tasking breaks down your brain at every level of health and makes you physically sick and adds to your level of stress.

Memorization does not equal understanding. In the past we have felt we should have our brains in constant workouts – wrong – we now know you need down time, to relax, dream, create enjoy.

So what are you going to do now you know.

Original Source: The official TEDx Talks YouTube Channel