Mike Yapp The Art & Science Of Understanding Brand Connections In A Consumer Owned World

Mike Yapp the Director of Google YouTube Creative Development discusses understanding brand connection in this show and tell video.

In one segment he shows Google which allows image recognition. So what’s so big about recognizing an image – well now it has print recognition digitally.


Now you can use your smart phone to look at an image (a brand logo) and your phone will tell you where you can find that brand in proximity to where you are. In his example he uses a beer logo and the results will take you to the nearest bar or restaurant that serves that brand.

Yapp says there is an emphasis now on augmented humanity that creates a visual reality that is/can be different for everyone who sees the visualization.

By listening to your customers and visualizing that conversation you can create data visualizations (again his example is the flight path of airplanes) that are displayed as light patterns which reveal an image of the USA in the light patterns.

The beauty of data visualization is that it teaches you things you didn’t know existed, further that the beauty of Google is that the intent is idealistic.

Companies know who they are, what they are … but brands know why they are! Knowing the why determines the value of your product.

Original Source: The official Google+ Your Business YouTube Channel, presented by Mike Yapp from Google.