Matt Cutts Reveals The Top 3-5 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes Webmasters Make And How You Can Avoid Them

Matt Cutts gives some really valuable advice about the top 3-5 SEO Mistakes webmasters make.

You would think Matt would talk about super advanced stuff but he talks about the biggest mistakes by volume.

Correcting these mistakes doesn’t need you hiring a SEO expert as they are all easy to do and keep in mind as you build your online business.

  • Make your site crawlable and have a domain.
  • Include the right words on the page, words that people will actually search for.
  • Think about compelling content and marketing, not just link building.
  • Think about titles and descriptions of your important pages
  • Not using webmaster tools

Matt explains what you need to do to fix up these common SEO mistakes. These are pretty simple fixes that shouldn’t take a lot of time to fix and create good habits for future content.

I found all of these points are just so basic that you think you are doing them, until you actually sit down and look through your site and realize, maybe you need to watch this video and start working a bit harder on your site.

Tip No 5 was the one I most often forget about. It’s a free resource available from Google and I don’t use it enough.

Original Source: Video presented by Matt Cutts and hosted on Google Webmasters YouTube Channel