Matt Cutts from Google talks about Guest Blogging​ And What You Need To Be Aware Of

I’m a guest blogger on JV Focus so I found this video by Matt Cutts to be very interesting.

​Am I worried about guest blogging?

No, I’m not. I know I’m doing what Matt mentions in his video. I’m editorialising and curating content I find that I believe will help readers. I am value adding what I post about.

Well, I believe I do, if you don’t agree, please let me know because that allows me to improve.

What was interesting in this video is that Google is watching (cue the scary music… dun dun dahhh) guest blogging.

Google is about providing the best search result for the user, and guest blogging can often provide that.

However if you are on the ‘latest craze’ that guest blogging is the best thing to do for google ranking and you plan on trying to game Google with guest blogging, honestly – it’s just not worth it.

If you think by spinning your article to multiple sites, if you try to bulk email to become a guest blogger, or offering low value

​ you can game the system, now you know​ Google is watching.

If you want to be a guest blogger or are invited to be one, provide​ ​​good quality, value added content and be proud of what you produce!

Original Source: Google Webmasters Official YouTube Channel