Matt Cutts Dismisses Some Of The Biggest Search Engine Optimization Myths

I really enjoy watching Matt Cutts on Google Webmasters. He’s always interesting to listen to and you learn so much about Google.

In this video he’s talking about SEO Myths.

I love the conspiracy theories that buying ads will cause you to rank higher on google along with the theory that not buying ads will rank you higher. Who’s right?

I loved Matt’s suggestion to get them all into the same room and let them fight it out. Then Google can answer the winner and have done with it. There is also the myth that Google makes changes so people will buy ads.

It’s summed up pretty well by Cutts with this statement what Google is about. They want really good search results for people to make them happy and keep them coming back.

It just makes sense and should be what you are thinking about with your own sites. If you are continually trying to ‘game’ Google, you aren’t helping your visitors.

They just want to come to your site and find really good content and keep coming back!

Matt was right on the money about fads and software not being able to solve all your problems. His caution about group think and what you should be trying to do with Google.

If you align with Google and work to provide regular users what they want which is great search results you will have happy users too.

Original Source: Google Webmasters Official YouTube Channel presented by Matt Cutts