Mass Movements & The Nature Of Marketing

“It’s one of the most influential books on marketing I’ve ever read. Yet it isn’t on marketing whatsoever. The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer. The insights it provides on the human mind are incredibly potent in the hands of any marketer. In this video, I open up my notes for review and answer your questions.

Here are some quotes from the book…

—-mass movements grow out of frustration and boredom “

A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.”

—-Mass movement primarily seem to happen in wealthier countries where people have higher incomes and more leisure.

“Freedom aggravates at least as much as it alleviates frustration. Freedom of choice places the whole blame of failure on the shoulders of the individual.”

—-People turn to mass movements when they perceive a lack of opportunity.

—-There is in us a tendency to locate the shaping forces of our existence outside ourselves. Success and failure are unavoidably related in our minds with the state of things around us”

In this video, renowned entrepreneur, Rich Schefren talks about: Mass Movements & The Nature Of Marketing


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Mass Movements & The Nature Of Marketing
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