John Wooden Redefining Success And The Difference Between Winning & Success

John Wooden’s definition of success: “peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the very best of which you are capable.”

While this is an older video its message is still of great importance in the discussion of Success.

Wooden reminds us again that your reputation is how you are perceived in the world, while character is what you truly are. And character is of more significance.

In his career he developed three rules that he pretty much lived/taught by:
1) Never be late – time is an important character builder
2) Always be neat & clean and never use profanity
3) Never criticize another student or a team-mate

The pyramid of success in Wooden’s philosophy is built on hard-work and enthusiasm for what you are doing leading to the pinnacle which is faith and patience.

The youth believes that change is progress, and while it is true, that there is no progress without change, patience is very important in developing the change. We must believe that things will turn out as they should provide we do what we can to make it so.

John Wooden also stressed – do not whine, do not complain, and do not make excuses – just get out there and do it. Proving once again that it is our own actions that create our success. Don’t spend your time talking about or thinking about winning, success is best enjoyed by doing.

Original Source: TED Talks Official YouTube Channel