John Chen New CEO of Blackberry Discusses BBM Messenger

John Chen is confident he can turn around the issues with Blackberry. He says the turnaround financially will be based on partnership and enterprise.

The company is changing lots of things and it is exciting. He hopes the company will be an icon in a big way. In discussing security that is on everyone’s mind these day he says the pin to pin technology is the most secure available because each one is unique and is not stored. “You can’t call someone to have your pin restored/revealed. Security is built into everything we have.”

Blackberry’s partnership with Foxcon (the largest distribution network around) will certainly help them to offload their inventory and have their exposure minimized. But equally Foxcon will help with mechanical design.

The new Blackberry classic will be available in 4 months, they’re releasing it in Jakarta, they have a huge market in Indonesia, Chen says It will come out at around $200, and will fill the distribution channel which will get it into the hands of the consumer.

BBM Blackberry Messenger has 85 million subscribers monthly and Nokia has just signed with them to put it on the android, they already support windows.

John Chen said “Our future is about catching up with the tech market, done correctly he says we can be on top again!” Chen prefers the name RIM over Blackberry so don’t be surprised if we see Blackberry fade away and RIM take over.

Original Source: The official Financial Times YouTube Channel