Joe Vitale MrFire on THE BIG IDEA & Taking Control Of Your Destiny

Joe Vitale played a huge part in the movie The Secret. In this video he talks about chasing your passion and taking control of your destiny.

Stop complaining and start doing what you really want to do today!

Joe mentions the following five steps that you need to perform in order to achieve your dreams.

1. Know what you don’t want
2. State your intentions
3. Get clear
4. Nevelize your goals
5. Let go while taking inspired action

How many times do you find yourself self-sabotaging yourself? You say you want to create a new product or pay off a bill and yet you seem to do everything within your power to not do these things.

As Joe says in this short video you need to feel inspired and to follow your passions. Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, think about and nevelize what it will feel like when you achieve your dreams! Then simply go for it.

Original Source: Donny Deutsch talks with Joe Vitale On the show Joe spoke about counter intentions, hidden beliefs that limit your ability to succeed.