How To Use Failure As A Powerful Learning Experience

Dr. Hymel in his talk offers personal insights into understanding failure. We must first understand that untested assumptions and bias are part of who we are.

We must learn to upgrade our world view based on what our failure has taught us.

Mistakes when actually acknowledged are opportunities to update our model of the world and how it works. It is the chance to really test our limits and get to the heart of our bias.

Hymel tells us our brains are wired against us, and is not objective. In fact how we evaluate new things is deeply influenced by our existing assumptions (which in many cases are untested and untrue).

Innovation can not occur without setback and failures. We need to step back and take the time to process the unexpected using your entire brain – think it through.

Often acting in a knee jerk manner is the wrong reaction and you will decrease your chances of learning from the experience.

He says: “Being a beginner helps you quiet the negative voice.” By starting something new, you move away from your bias, because you have no frame of reference and you can learn … how you learn.

This in turn will refresh your mind and will allow you to better succeed in your profession, your life. He advocates learning a new skill or a new language – something out of your ordinary.

Original Source: TEDx Talks Official YouTube Channel presented by Dr. Pat Hymel