How To Publicize Your Book With Press Releases The Right Way

Press releases were once the domain of a select few media industry professionals.

Now, PR is a vital part of any entrepreneur’s marketing strategy. But that means it is a double-edged sword. There are a right way and a wrong way to go about using press releases for your PR efforts, and it’s a razor-sharp sword edge.

Authors need to find their niche market. That’s where they will find the people most welcoming

Doing PR well adds to your visibility and credibility, but it’s not enough just to write a press release, it must be shared socially, sent to more than one agency and recreated as social media messages.

On a budget? Free PR sites don’t always get indexed, unless you know which ones to go for. One of the best in the industry is It’s a good agency because they just won’t allow spammy PR, so be warned. Do your PR properly, and make your pitch a newsworthy one.

Another great site where you can get great links indexed on a very low-budget is

Benefits of paying to release your PR through Press release Point include a report that includes links to all your indexed PRs. This makes it really easy to share those press releases through social media and your own web properties.

In this video you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about press releases for authors answered.

Original Source: Tom Corson-Knowles interviews Dan Japal.