How To Prepare Your SEO Tactics & Strategies For The Coming Year

When it comes to SEO for this year it can be really confusing to know what direction you want to go in. Do you actually plan out your SEO tactics and strategies?

While this video was recorded in July of 2013 what the folks at Cartoozo teach is totally relevant and it is not too late to start putting this into practice right now.

Content is extremely important and should be posted regularly.

Add a variety of content to your site including articles, images and videos

Author rank is important so include this on your site

Link to sites like YouTube, Instagram and Social Media Sites

As well as adding articles to your blog or website try to add things such as tutorials. Another key method is to add a video version of your blog post.

Other ideas include online seminars, quizzes and surveys.

Original Source: Cartoozo official YouTube Channel.