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“There are several elements of information every business needs to have to remain competitive in the market.” Posted on the blog.

Interesting video regarding: How to Hire a Videographer by Doug Dibert Jr. that I found on the blog.
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There are several elements of information every business needs to have to remain competitive in the market.

1. A description of your business

2. Analysis of your competition

3. A Complete Marketing plan

4. Hiring the right people, wait! What was number 3?  

A Complete Marketing Plan….Humm, Interesting!  

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency and you don’t have a Video Marketer as part of your team, let’s just say your company might be a little malnourished.  What I mean by that is, you have all the other nutrients to feed the marketing giant except, the most appealing treat of them all Video!

You say, “We already have a video person in our company, what’s the difference”?  There is a distinction between a Video Marketer and a Video Production person.  A Video Production person knows how to use all the tools to create a video.  A Video Marketer not only knows how to use the tools, but they also know how to help your client from the start. They know how to begin the plan.   It’s essential they are there at the creation of your marketing plans.  You want someone who knows all the facets in the Video Marketing world.

When you’re looking to bring on a full-time Video Marketer to your team, look for a few key things.  First, look at their work.  Is it top-notch, do they know how to tell a story?  What is their experience working with clients? 

Secondly, have they ever helped build a Video Marketing plan?  Have they taken a video from concept to completion to implementation? Do they have experience launching those videos into the world of YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms?

You might have someone already on your team you’re thinking of for this position.  They might not have all the polished skills you’re looking for but, they know how to apply the entire concepts of creating a video.  They have the creative intuition of why this video needs to be produced, what it takes to create it and the knowledge of how to bring it to the market. 

We all need other people to put a different voice to things from time to time but, a true leader will bring in strength when they want to optimize performance.

Ready, Set, Record!

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How to Hire a Videographer
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