How To Handle Difficult Coworkers | Don’t Be A Doormat

“Controlling emotions when you’re dealing with difficult personalities can be more than difficult–it can feel impossible. Using the Black Swan method of negotiating, Coach Don Fieselman gives practical and simple ways you can navigate difficult coworkers: improving your listening, staying curious, and Tactical Empathy. How do each of these play a role in creating better relationships with difficult people? While some of these skills, like listening, seem straightforward, the truth is that most people are listening wrong, or listening just to respond. Consider this your crash-course for Black Swan skills.” In this video, world renowned negotiator, Chris Voss team member, Coach Don Fieselman talks about: How To Handle Difficult Coworkers


Chris Voss | CEO & Founder, Author | The Black Swan Group Chris has 24 years of FBI experience and was the former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator. Chris is the author of negotiation best-seller, “Never Split The Difference.”

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How To Handle Difficult Coworkers | Don’t Be A Doormat
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