How To Develop Your Peer Network

“Your network is your net worth.” Leading motivational expert, marketing trainer and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Brendon Burchard released a video recently talking about: How To Develop Your Peer Network



  • “Your network is your net worth.”
  • Often, we have big goals and dreams but spend too much time working in solitude. In this episode, be challenged to invest more time, energy, and effort into other people, which will further your goals and allow you to live a more healthy and happy life.
  • “Every year of your life you’ve got to level up your network with more positive, purposeful, generous, thoughtful people.”
  • Have you been searching for a way to create the life you’ve always dreamed of? That often starts with who you surround yourself with! In this episode, Brendon unpacks the ways he up-leveled his circle to up-level his life. 
  • Watch the video to get the full training.
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How To Develop Your Peer Network
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