How To Be Brilliant In Life Everyday Single Day

In a short but captivating video, Dr. Alan Watkins shows us the model of ourselves.

When we are trying to be the best we can and the things we work at, play at and live with, most of us are trying to manage our outcomes our performance based on our behavior.

That is if we learn something we are continually trying to replicate that behavior in increasing degrees of success.

And that is why we fail. It is not our behavior that defines our outcome. It is far more complicated. Watkins takes us through his model showing that beneath behavior is our thinking.

Clearly how we think affects what we do. But thinking is hugely affected by what we feel. Many of us can relate to the feelings we have in certain situations like fear, anxiety, happiness, gratitude.

But that is still not the area that drives our outcomes.

Raw emotions drive your feelings, most of us think that feelings and emotions are the same things, but Dr. Watkins makes a big distinction between the two.

And under emotion is physiology which is the foundation that we need to learn to control in order to achieve the outcomes we desire and to be brilliant every single day. Physiology is simply streams of data from our body which creates energy in motion or E-motion.

One of those streams of data is your heart rate. Measuring the variability of your heart rate can predict when you will die, how much energy you have and he emphasizes it creates brain functions.

When you are trying to achieve your success, you are putting pressure on yourself which sends streams of negative energy that interferes with your brain function. It shows up in your heart rate variability HVR and creates a frontal lobe shut down.

When that happens you can’t function at your best, you can’t think and you can’t perform. He suggests that the way to conquer this chaotic system is to learn to control your physiology to create coherence. When you can do this under pressure you can be brilliant everyday, every time.

Original Source: TEXx Talks Official YouTube Channel