How Can You Make Your Small Site More Popular?

Google’s Matt Cutts explains how over time, small sites can become more popular. For example, Facebook, Instagram and MySpace all started small, but they have dramatically increased in size and popularity since their humble beginnings.

As Cutts explains, all sites have the potential of becoming larger and more popular. He stresses the importance of user experience and offering quality, relevant content at all times.

By doing this, smaller sites, while not having the resources of the larger sites, will still have a chance to scale and compete with the “big boys”. He offers some useful tips which any site, regardless of size, should to continue to focus on.

If site owners continue to provide quality content and create a positive user experience, they should also be able to survive through any of Google’s algorithm changes and/or updates.

Original Source:  Google’s, Matt Cutts explains how smaller sites can compete against the bigger sites online. Google Webmasters Official YouTube Channel