How are Search Engine Optimization tactics evolving so far in 2014?

This video is from the Two Friendly Nerds and is part of a weekly Hangout series. Dan and Patti talk about SEO trends from 2013 and how they have affected the first portion of 2014. The first 5 minutes they talk about different beers, but then get into a good SEO discussion.

Dan talks about the need to stay up to date with changes in SEO and they highlight the fact that if you don’t do this, then you are possibly hurting your business. What used to be good in 2013 is not now.

Patti talks about how keywords were never shown to you by Google, this was around 20%.

This has changed to almost 100% today and this has made your job of getting your site ranked harder. Google has done this in part to try and get business owners to start using their paid ads instead.

There are some great tips in this video but basically you want to concentrate on adding quality content to your site in different formats. This means not just adding articles and blog posts.

Don’t forget to record a video version of some of your posts. Linking to YouTube can do wonders for your ranking and don’t forget that Google now owns YouTube.

Other things you can do to help improve your website ranking is to connect your Google+ profile to it. As well as posting regular content to your social sites.

So it seems that quality and varied content along with being active on social sites are the things that are going to help your website get more exposure.

Original Source: Dan Barrett Two Friendly Nerds YouTube Channel