How Are Facebook Marketing And Email Marketing Similar?

The bestselling author of Convince & Convert, Jay Baer, states that “Facebook and Email Marketing are the Lady Gaga and Madonna of the marketing world.”

Baer explains the similarities between the two platforms and provides strategies on how they can complement each other and also how businesses can increase their results by strategic use of both platforms.

He argues that the idea of Facebook being a tool to create new customers is massively flawed because DDB research shows that 84% of fans of company Facebook pages are current customers.

He asks viewers to think about how they use Facebook and says that “You don’t randomly surf around, clicking the “Like” button for companies of which you’ve never, ever heard. Why would you want their info in your news feed?”

According to Baer, Facebook is mainly a tool for keeping brand awareness among existing customers and also as a means to gain repeat business and customer advocacy. He also believes that email marketing is a way to achieve the same results.

He is not suggesting that one is better than the other, only that they both share similar functions and that they should be used in a synchronized, strategic manner.

Original Source: Jay Baer, President of Convince & Convert explains how to use email marketing more strategically, on Social Fresh