Gautam Ramdurai Explains How Scarcity Drives Creativity

Gautam explains that due to scarcity, people he knew in India used turmeric in very different and very creative ways that solved the problem they had.

They didn’t have the resources or money to use more expensive items however, the problems were fixed.

This video talks about how you don’t have to throw money at the problem. Look at what you have, not what you need.

Next we came to MacGyver. Growing up, I loved that show. He was smart, down to earth and he solved major problems with a paper clip.

MacGyver always had to fix it quickly and that’s just another point to be aware of. Our time is scarce. We don’t get it back if it’s wasted.

So if you time is scarce and you have a lot to do, then you have to be creative about what you spend your time on.

Then there is the Origami – a single piece of paper can make a beautiful swan. If you choose not to be creative and make something, you are just left with a blank piece of paper.

Think carefully about what you have, what time you have and how you can use it to be creative.

Original Source: TEDx Talks Official YouTube Channel presented by Gautam Ramdurai.