Episode 356 – Automating Marketing Ideas with Generative AI – Possibilities with George Copeland

What does it take to create an automated system for business owners that really delivers value? For George Copeland, Co-Founder and CEO at Laborem Edge, it means time at the whiteboard as a mad scientist before you become a product expert.

Interesting video regarding: Automating Marketing Ideas with Generative AI by the Digital Marketer team and George Copeland that I found on the DigitalMarketer YouTube channel.
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“George is working on an automated version of a Google Ads management process that involves leveraging data for digital marketing with paid search. Luckily, he has a partner who allows him to implement his ideas and figure out how best to iterate them using AI. Can you use generative AI for proof of concept for your next big digital marketing idea? Tune in to find out.”

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Automating Marketing Ideas with Generative AI – Possibilities
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