Episode 355 – Unpacking the Latest AI Marketing Software with Dustin Lien

“Online marketers are needing to stay abreast of the latest AI tools in this Wild West e-commerce industry. Machine learning requires humans to learn, too.

So how are the human digital marketers keeping up?”

Interesting video regarding: Unpacking the Latest AI Marketing Software by the Digital Marketer team and Dustin Lien that I found on the DigitalMarketer YouTube channel.
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“In this urgent race to become the AI tools of choice – from first-party data software to AI email marketing – there’s a lot out there to play around with and be dazzled by.

Which AI software brands are likely to survive though? And how do you know what will work best for you and your client?

Thankfully, we have Dustin Lien, DigitalMarketer’s former marketing manager, to guide us on a few of the latest AI tools he’s been using with his company, JumpX Growth.”

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Unpacking the Latest AI Marketing Software
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