Effective Copywriting With Josh Constine From TechCrunch For A Better Experience

Josh Constine is asked why is it so important to have good content on a website?

He responded with; “the emotions comes through content, and visitors connect with emotion more than logic or long pages of information.”

It is not only important to create something that is useful but also something that is loveable.”

If you don’t build something that is immediately interesting to your audience they will tune out and move on. If you can make it engaging your viewers will be drawn in and much more likely to stick with you.

Tech Meme is the aggregator of tech news on the web, it is an excellent resource for research. Constine uses it daily for the articles he writes about new tech start-up companies.

He does research for new startups we need to learn as much about our audience as possible. Because you can’t see your audience when you are crafting your article you are much more likely to write for yourself and your goals.

Therefore it is imperative to always keep your perfect reader in mind and write to them.

Magazine style writing comes with an air of authenticity and respectability (developed from a process developed years ago when people were sitting down to read the article and not likely to jump off to something else.).

The audience today is changing, there is so much information, coming so quickly, people don’t have time or interest in reading something unless it captures their interest right away. Most writers still hang on to the Who What When Where and Why form of writing.

Josh advocates a new form that will compel the reader to stick with you. Start with Why – what is the problem you are solving(describe it fully)?

Next – What, this has more context when you have started with why, so that you can explain what is the solution. Who then gives credibility to your solution and finally How – where you describe how the solution works.

When you start with the why you immediately get to a generalize emotional idea of the product. There are lots of great information in this interview make sure you watch the whole thing.

Original Source: NewCircle Training official YouTube Channel