Do You Struggle To Finish Your Projects?

Jeff Walker the guru of product launches has written a book. It is called Launch! In this video he discusses the process that he went through to get this book printed and out to the public. It is a great lesson in – Finishing!

We entrepreneurs always have many projects on the go at once, and Walker says the most important thing it getting it done!

There are a myriad of steps in any endeavor and he advises to celebrate the accomplishment of the intermediary steps. It is import to recognize that you are getting things done – you are moving forward to your end goal.

He also reminds us that always there are stages within our business and we need to look ahead and focus on the final steps. It doesn’t do any good to get it 99% finished and then to lay there collecting dust.

To succeed we need to complete the job. Remember perfection is your enemy. You have to finish, you just have to get out there and get it done.

Don’t neglect the in between steps, but you have to drive yourself to completion! Get that 1% done, cross the finish line, score the goal, put your product on the market, get your book printed. Whatever it is finish your project.

Original Source: The official Jeff Walker YouTube Channel