Creating A Holistic SEO Strategy Using Google Webmaster Tools For Beginners & Online Strategists

If you’re unclear as to how to go about creating an optimized SEO site or online strategy that is in keeping with Google’s line of thinking, this video may help. It is more suited towards beginners and online strategists as well as those who simply want to gain a better understanding.

Basically, the video presents a high level overview of a holistic strategy that will allow you to include all of your company’s websites such as your main sites, social media channels, blog, etc., in your overall plan. It is equally applicable to “one person” operations and also companies.

Topics include, but are not limited to; building an SEO strategy, understanding searcher persona workflow, determining your company and website goals, auditing your site to optimize reach in attracting your target audience, executing and making improvements and overcoming obstacles.

The video does provide a relevant overview and it also gives simple examples using a mock company which even beginners should be able to follow.

After watching, viewers may then want to head over to Google Webmasters Tools and create an account if necessary and then familiarize themselves with the available resources.

Original Source: The official Google Webmasters YouTube Channel