Christopher Emdin Keynote At TED Talks Teach Teachers How To Create Magic

Science advocate Christopher Emdin tells us that the education for educators is all based on “old Theories, old teachers “. It is mundane and pedantic and offers no stimulus to engage students.

Even the teachers feel hemmed in by the rules of teaching today, they look around their classrooms at the apathy and have no skills to make the lessons come alive.

He suggests we “reframe teacher education”. Magic can be taught. The ability to enthrall and teach at the same time is done through the magic of engagement.

But to do this the teachers have to get out of the classroom (be it where they are teaching or where they are being taught) and into the places where this magic happens naturally – rap concerts, black churches, barber shops and yes even “the hood”.

Here they can see the magic in action and can learn to model their teaching along these lines that communicate so effectively with others by engaging them in the conversation, by having them sit on the edge of their seats waiting for the next bit of information.

Original Source: TED Talks Official YouTube Channel