BuzzFeed: How To Generate Video Content On Digital Medium

Jonathan Perelman is interviewed in this short clip about Buzzfeed and generating Video Content.

He said they are one of the largest content creators on YouTube now. The key is creating something that people want to share.

Their formula for success hinges on three pillars as he describes it. Providing emotional content in the form of a gift … something that lifts your spirits on an emotional level, makes you feel better.

His second pillar is Identity, creating something that speaks about you – who you are, and the third is informational – creating interesting content that provides information that is easily consumable, in a unique and different way.

All of their video material is original content. They have 70 producers on staff who take that content from start to finish.

From creative ideas to writing to scripting to acting to directing to video taping to editing to producing the finished piece. It is very economical.

Very focused right now on branding – on creating 90 second promotions for brands that people will want to share.

If you are not using Buzzfeed in your marketing you are missing out on the lion’s share of social marketing.

Original Source: Jonathan Perelman BuzzFeed ETNow in Cannes Brand Equity