Brendon Burchard Procrastination And The Perfectionist

Finding short videos that kick me into action is becoming a habit.

Brendon Burchard told it like it is when I use the lie that I’m a perfectionist so I can’t finish anything.

He stripped out the truth and said, if you are a perfectionist, be precise and admit that you didn’t complete because you are distracted or lazy or fearful of being rejected if you release it.

Using perfection as an excuse isn’t possible after you watch this video.

Once you accept that your fear or laziness or distractions are always going to be there, you have to complete the things that are meaningful to you.

As Brendon said, nothing is able to be perfected until it’s completed.

Stop using the perfect lie and fooling yourself and complete your projects and get them done!

Start making your difference in the world.

Original Source: The official Brendon Burchard YouTube Channel